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Where to shop in Delhi

Where to shop in Delhi
 Whether you’re addicted to brown bags that are small, medium, and large or you’re simply helping the economy, there are plenty of shopping hubs in India’s capital.
 1. Vasant Kunj Malls
The trio of malls in Vasant Kunj which is located on the Nelson Mandela Road, the mall offers a wide range of facilities including premium international and domestic retail. You’ll find most Indian and international labels here—anything from Benetton to Bulgari. The most comfortable prices come during the July sales or the December/January ones.
2. Lajpat Nagar
It is named in honor of Lala Lajpat Rai, also known the Lion of Punjab, and is today most known for the Lajpat Nagar Central Market. The shops and stalls  in this market are overflowing with daily Indian wear, heavier occasion wear, fabric, buttons, borders, studs, slippers and everything in between. Some of the liveliest dupattas—those long, multi-use scarves—and most beautiful slipper-style jootis can be yours, if the price is right.
3. Hauz Khas Village
This market is a straight-up hipster’s paradise—and a treasure trove for any shopper who likes to support up-and-coming designers and niche stores that nicely showcase a strong sense of emerging Indian aesthetic. I could tell you about the cool baby stuff at Lola’s World, and the vintage posters or jewelry at Dang’s and Funky Gehne, but discovering these delights  on your own is half the charm.
4. Shahpur Jat
This market is known for its two distinct sides: its collection of bridal wear on one side of the market,  and the cool, new boutique labels on the other (not to mention the fabulous street art.) What used to be an alternative wedding boutique for up-and-coming designers has also became a home to antiques, curios, trinkets and accessories. (And the office of lifestyle guide Little Black Book, Delhi.)
5. Greater Kailash
Also known by “GK,” this neighborhood is divided into GK-I and GK-II. GK-II has us hopping over piles of stuff, as shop-owners strategically spill out on the pavements with their wares. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be GK-I: I love it for the energy—buzzing but not unpleasantly busy—as much as for its shopping mix. You’ll find a line-up of Indian high-street brands for apparel and décor, alongside smaller, craftsmen-owned stores, quirky accents and the usual mall suspects that we’re only too happy to see outside the mall. There’s just something definitively Delhi about it. 
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Update : 17-06-2015
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