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Tuesday, 31 March 2020
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How to travel in India

How to travel in India
 Upon arrival in India, the choice of vehicles in India for a quick and safety is completely not simple for the first time to travel to India. In India, there are many ways to choose for travelling in India. It is based on where you are in so you can choose vehicles in India for convenience.
 The railways in India
Indian railway system deserves to be considered a legend. Here you can select the vehicles in India by rail. Use means of trains in India have multiple and various different trains but the possible in very complicated but you should also be patient. When booking, please take advantage of the reduced travel quotas if there, so you will also book tickets more easily.

The Delhi Metro subway
The Delhi metro is one of the largest subway network in the world. This new Metro system is currently completing phase 2 consists of six routes with a total length of 142 km with 189.63 stations, which has 35 stations of the underground. This system is currently still under development by 2020 with more new routes and expanded the old routes. The Delhi Metro is considered one of the vehicles and are popular in India, many tourists choose to fly to destinations in India.

Bus in India
Buses in India are quite developed but the condition of the car less, so the stuffing scene on the bus-making many people afraid.

Car Auto Rickshaw
Vehicles in India are the largest selection in the Auto-Rickshaw is a vehicle like a car half lam of Saigon before, half of Thailand's Tuk tuk. Auto Rickshaw is present all the time, everywhere, from the station to the hang. However, this type of car is not for the weak of heart. Each doctor your Auto Rickshaw is an artist, a steering silk. Virtually any car with a loudspeaker with the power to your drive, just sing, just shrugged off pop. Ken East Road, just half meter space is this car can pass, turn left, turn your head.
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Update : 03-07-2015
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