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How to be safe when tralve to India

How to be safe when tralve to India
 Dress discreetly, avoid going alone on the train, low car at night is the secret safe for you when traveling to India.
Never go alone
Many countries now give advice for travelers to India to avoid traveling alone, especially at night, on public transportation. The deep or the place where the lack of light must also note when travelling to it. Should come with a group of people and in which the fellow is male.
It's best to avoid going on the vehicles at night, should not take the bus or train away. If you have to move at night, should choose the prescription above to avoid these risks. When the bus way select the front seat and sit next to other women when possible.

How to dress
Very likely you will encounter the trouble such as sexual harassment when traveling on the roads in India. To avoid prying eyes curious of others, the best you should dress discreetly and politely, avoid wearing short skirts, shorts or dress too revealing by this can will turn you into a "focal point" for the harassment. A long scarf jacket outside can help distract your attention.
If you come to the sacred Temple, long skirts, or pants wear below the knee.

Avoid contacting with strange man
Avoid contact with eyes and talk to strange men to avoid misunderstandings. If the man meet to talk rude, prying eyes, look for the best way to stay away from crowded places and move to an ingenious way.

Only buy fastfood at famous store
Should select the bars crowded or reputable. You can also ask the locals snack address.
Save the necessary phone numbers
Remember the telephone number of the needed acquaintance, the police, the hotel ... If where to go should announce the schedule for the acquaintance, who accompanied the group to the risk, if you still can.
Update : 03-07-2015
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