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Custome of India

Custome of India
  More than hotels and itineraries and vaccinations, what you need in India is the right set of expectations. Here's some things to know before you go.
 Indian customs
In India the Indian Muslims who don't eat pork and the Indians under Hinduism do not eat beef. So some of the restaurant does not serve this dish.
When eaten, the Indians used his right hand to grab the food, especially the left hand to grab food. Because the left hand they considered not clean and use your left hand to grab the food as not respecting other people.
 Indian language
English and Hindi is the language of social communication at the level of Security, there is also a lot more than 800 other dialects.
English is used in administrative work in India, is the language of social communication Monday after Hindi. In India, each State has a lot of different languages. Even as India indigenous people also can hardly hear and understand people of the region or the other States if not use Hindi, however, then in India also has quite a lot of people don't speak much Hindi. English is still the most commonly used language to communicate, so before going to India, you would not know English so equip yourself with basic English knowledge to communicate in case of need.
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Update : 03-07-2015
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